Terri 3CW

Our wheeled combi is perfect if you want to forward and harvest with a powerful forestry machine. You can easily switch between the harvester head and grip in just 15 minutes.

Terri 3CW

Our wheeled combi is perfect if you want to forward and harvest with a powerful forestry machine. You can easily switch between the harvester head and grip in just 15 minutes.

Are you looking for variety when working in the forest? Terri 3CW is a powerful combi machine that switches from harvester to forwarder and vice versa in just 15 minutes. It is therefore ideal if you need an efficient forestry machine with the greatest flexibility. Harvesting and forwarding with the same machine provides both time efficiency and financial benefit. It could not be easier.

The machine has a fantastic ability to negotiate difficult terrain. Eight wheels ensure high degree of ground contact, which is ideal for both traction and driver comfort. 
All wheels are drive wheels, which provides major benefits in terrain that is hilly or has low bearing capacity. When driving over logs and rocks, the experience in the cabin is less bumpy and rough thanks to the fact that it rests on double pairs of wheels

The stability is extremely good, whether you are harvesting or forwarding. This is down to the powerful midjoint lock, which ensures stability during crane work. Terri 3CW is a machine to thrive in, both when driving and when working, in all seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Terri

  • You have the possibility to choose between tracks and skid protection. Here, in our product catalog, you can find all options.

  • The Terri AWS is a fully automatic solution that ensures optimal traction regardless of the terrain. It replaces the classic locking differential, and it presents a noticeable advantage on terrains that are steep or have poor bearing capacity. The system is sharper than the previous technology and it enables you to get more power out of each wheel. As a driver, you never need to decide if or when to switch on the AWS; everything happens automatically.

  • Terri´s machines thrive with first and second thinning and when driving on sensitive ground. Thanks to its first-rate range, it does a perfect job even when the terrain is uncompromising.

  • Compared to its predecessor, Terri 3 is upgraded with 20 innovations. These are for example updates in the cabin, in the design and under the bonnet. Fully automatic optimal traction (Terri Automatic Wheel System, AWS), stronger and more fuel-efficient engine and a 24-volt electrical system.

  • Terri 3 is the third generation Terri machine.
    C: combi
    F: forwarder
    H: harvester
    W: wheel
    T: tracks

    This means that a Terri 3 FW is a forwarder with wheels and a Terri 3 CT is a combi with tracks.

  • The mastermind behind these forestry machines is Småland company Alfing i Älmhult, which has 150 employees and a turnover of around SEK 250 million. Almost all production takes place in a dedicated factory, which means shorter lead times and a high level of expertise in everything to do with the machines.

  • Get in touch with your sales representative here on the website.

  • Your Terri machine, your choice. We assemble your dream machine based on your requirements, needs, and wishes. We put you in the driving seat and provide you with masses of choices when it comes to cranes, comfort, and additional equipment.
    Have a look in our Product Catalogue to see all optionals.

Terri 3CW Technical data

  • Diesel engine:
  • CAT 3.6
  • Power:
  • 55,4 kW
  • Number of cylinders:
  • 4
  • Torque:
  • 424 Nm/1 200 rpm
  • Diesel tank volume:
  • 100 l
  • Transmission:
  • Fully hydraulic
  • Max. steering angle:
  • 45º
  • Gears:
  • 1, 2, 3 & reverse
  • Max. speed:
  • 18 km/h
  • Wheel dimension:
  • 500/50 x 17
Hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic system:
  • Danfoss
  • Tank volume:
  • 120 l
  • Pump capacity:
  • 115 cc
Electrical system
  • Electrical system:
  • 24 V
  • Battery:
  • 2x12 V / 100 Ah
  • Generator:
  • 100 A
  • Crane:
  • Mowi
  • Model:
  • P40
  • Lifting torque:
  • 37 kNm
  • Slewing torque:
  • 12 kNm
  • Slewing arc:
  • 360º
  • Reach:
  • 6,2 m
  • Lifting capacity at max. reach:
  • 480 kg
Harvester head
  • Harvester head:
  • Log Max
  • Model:
  • LM 2000T
  • Feed rate:
  • 3.1/4.0 m/sec
  • Feed force:
  • 14.9 kN
  • Number of feed wheels:
  • 2
  • Max. opening:
  • 330 mm
  • Service weight:
  • 8,300 kg
  • Length, standard:
  • 6,800–7,400 mm
  • Width:
  • 2,050 mm
  • Highest height:
  • 3,100/3,180 mm
  • Ground clearance:
  • 700 mm
  • Loading area:
  • 2-2.45 m2


With a combi machine from Terri, you get to experience the best of two forestry machines all in one package. In just 15 minutes you can easily turn your harvester into a forwarder, or vice versa. And thanks to a powerful crane and equally powerful harvester head, both tasks are guaranteed to be performed well. Sometimes that Småland ingenuity knows no bounds.


Our wheeled machines have an unbelievable ground clearance of 70 centimetres. That is the same as larger forestry machine models. Thanks to this, everyday work is made considerably easier, and you can navigate tougher and trickier terrain without a second thought or it affecting the work in the slightest. We are talking about the absolute best navigability.

Terri AWS

Thanks to Terri AWS (Automatic Wheel System), traction, power and manoeuvrability are automatically guaranteed. The system quite simply generates more power and the right amount to each wheel and all you as a driver have to do is focus on driving. Terri AWS is our own invention, which we are very proud of and pat ourselves on the back for.