Terri 30

It all starts with a prototype built by the Finnish Valmet in Helsinki. Had it not been for the double tracks, it could have been mistaken for an overgrown snowmobile!
The hauler is launched in 1972 under the name Terri 30, and success is not long in coming.
By 1980, a total of 900 of the machines are manufactured and “Terri” becomes a name in the market.


Terri 1000

Things are happening in the factory and the successor takes the machine to a whole new level. Terri 1000 is now revealed, equipped with both a hauler part and a detachable wagon. A complete package with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine. Terri 1000 is appreciated by both landowners and forestry and electricity companies. Some of the reasons include reliability and its ability to operate on muddy and waterlogged terrain.


Terri 1020

Externally, Terri 1020 might look like its predecessor, but appearances can be deceptive. Under the shell, some of the new additions are a more powerful midjoint, double steering cylinders and a new gearbox. The machine can now be equipped with a windscreen, roof or cabin, and there is huge interest in the new power package in several countries. Terri 1020 has also been on expeditions to the South Pole. How many machine models can boast that?


Terri 2020

With this model, Terri steps into the next generation. The hauler part is larger and more robust, with a cabin that has a flat floor and swivel chair as standard. The cart has also grown somewhat and is equipped with a 4.2-metre grapple loader produced in-house.
The model is taken out of service in 1992, but the Terri 2020 is still going strong in the US, Canada and Russia, among others.


Terri 2040

This new model is not larger – but it is significantly more powerful – with a robust Kubota 1105D engine under the bonnet. Terri 2040 is also equipped with reinforced drive and bearings in the gearbox and “real” wagon drive for the hauler. Add to that the twin rotating cylinders in the torque engine and you have a very high-performance machine.


Terri becomes Swedish

Valmet believes that Terri does not fit in with the production of snowmobiles and wants to sell. The question is put to Alcab, former importer of Terri in Sweden, who seizes the opportunity immediately. On 2 January, Terri becomes a Swedish machine and the development of the next model starts immediately. A total of 38 Terri 2040s are manufactured under Swedish ownership.


Terri ATD

Things are really taking off now. The new Terri ATD is equipped with a three-wheel bogie with a longer drive belt, resulting in lower ground pressure. The machine is also smoother on uneven terrain. The cart also grows to a width of 170 centimetres.
The popular grapple loader from Mowi becomes standard and, in terms of the engine, Kubota 1105D is gradually replaced with the 40-horsepower Lombardini 1404.
Terri ATD rapidly becomes a machine for the pros and 122 of them are manufactured. Terri is now a well-known name, and the machine is exported to several countries.


Terri 34

To expand the activities of the company, Terri is acquired by Alfing i Älmhult AB. The acquisition is made from the former manufacturer’s bankruptcy estate in Heby, where production and spare parts warehouses were moved from Rovaniemi in 1995.
What will become the start of a brand-new generation of Terri now sees the light of day. Wider hauler and cart, increased stability and loading area, extended and reinforced cabin and a more powerful engine were on the wish list. The factory’s answer is Terri 34. A complete, robust and flexible machine with a significantly improved driver environment. Add to that optimal serviceability with tilted cabin and opened bonnet for easy screwing and servicing.
The new 60-horsepower engine can easily pull an 8.5-tonne machine, and productivity is increased enormously thanks to the new 5.7-metre loader.
With this new machine, Terri really is stepping into the future of sustainable forestry.


Terri 34C

Up to now, Terri has profiled itself solely as a manufacturer of tracked machines, but at Elmia Wood, south of Jönköping, something new is released: the Terri 34c 8wd forwarder. But the innovation does not end there. Barely a year later, an eight-wheeled harvester and combination machine is launched, the Terri 34c.1. These machines are manufactured with the same basic machine as the tracked ones but have now gained a ground clearance of 0.7 metres – still the best in the market, compared with machines of the same size, even today.


Terri 3020B Band Aid+

The forest fires during the summer of 2018 were among the worst in Swedish history. Experiencing the fire-ravaged forests at first hand are staff from Terri and an idea is brought to life. How can we develop our flexible machines for future emergencies? The answer is Terri 3020B Band Aid+ – a tool carrier that can quickly be dispatched before anything else in disaster-struck areas. The launch takes place at the Skyddsmässan trade fair in Stockholm and the reception is very positive.


Terri 3

Four years after the last machine release, Terri unveils a new machine with the message: Terri 3, the third generation. And we are now talking about machines for professional forestry down to the smallest detail. The series is released as forwarders, harvesters and combis and is, without doubt, Terri’s best machine ever (so far in any case).
Terri 3 is manufactured with 20 major innovations and new features compared with the previous model. Among other things, it includes a powerful new CAT engine, Terri AWS, which ensures optimal traction whatever the terrain, and a 24-volt electrical system which is standard in all major machine competitors.