Terri 3FT

Choose a crane according to your needs and get to places few other machines can manage. With a 2 m² loading area and a sliding rear platform, you get a machine that does not disappoint.

Terri 3FT

Choose a crane according to your needs and get to places few other machines can manage. With a 2 m² loading area and a sliding rear platform, you get a machine that does not disappoint.

When it comes to forwarding on sensitive and/or in inaccessible terrain, it is time to bring in a tough one from the Swedish region of Småland: Terri 3FT. A machine that, thanks to low ground pressure, performs a perfect job even when the terrain looks rough and difficult.

Despite its small width of 1.90 metres, the forwarder has a loading area of ​​two square meters. The agility of the machine, both in terms of loading and work, is further enhanced thanks to the fact that the wheelbase is variable, and the rear bank is slidable. You also have the possibility to choose between different cranes to adapt the work to your specific needs.

We place great emphasis on an optimal work environment in all of our machines. In many ways our cabins are top of the class and can be compared with large forestry machines: airy, spacious and equipped with technology and amenities that make the working days both enjoyable and smooth. Everything has been sketched and studied down to the smallest detail and adapted for long shifts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Terri

  • Terri´s machines thrive with first and second thinning and when driving on sensitive ground. Thanks to its first-rate range, it does a perfect job even when the terrain is uncompromising.

  • Compared to its predecessor, Terri 3 is upgraded with 20 innovations. These are for example updates in the cabin, in the design and under the bonnet. Fully automatic optimal traction (Terri Automatic Wheel System, AWS), stronger and more fuel-efficient engine and a 24-volt electrical system.

  • Terri 3 is the third generation Terri machines.
    C: combi
    F: forwarder
    H: harvester
    W: wheel
    T: tracks

    This teams that a Terri 3 FW is a forwarder with wheels and a Terri 3 CT is a combi with tracks.

  • The mastermind behind these forestry machines is Småland company Alfing i Älmhult, which has 150 employees and a turnover of around SEK 250 million. Almost all production takes place in a dedicated factory, which means shorter lead times and a high level of expertise in everything to do with the machines.

  • Get in touch with your sales representative here on the website.

  • Your Terri machine, your choice. We assemble your dream machine based on your requirements, needs, and wishes. We put you in the driving seat and provide you with masses of choices when it comes to cranes, comfort, and additional equipment.
    Have a look in our Product Catalogue to see all optionals.

Terri 3FT Technical data

  • Diesel engine:
  • CAT 3.6
  • Power:
  • 55,4 kW
  • Number of cylinders:
  • 4
  • Torque:
  • 424 Nm/1 200 rpm
  • Diesel tank volume:
  • 100 l
  • Transmission:
  • Fully hydraulic
  • Max. steering angle:
  • 45º
  • Gears:
  • 1, 2 & reverse
  • Max. speed:
  • 11 km/h
  • Track width:
  • 490 mm
Hydralic system
  • Hydraulic system:
  • Danfoss
  • Tank volume:
  • 120 l
  • Pump capacity:
  • 115 cc
Electrical system
  • Electrical system:
  • 24 V
  • Battery:
  • 2x12 V / 100 Ah
  • Generator:
  • 100 A
  • Crane:
  • Mowi
  • Model:
  • P30 / P30T / P40
  • Lifting torque:
  • 31 KNm / 37 kNm
  • Slewing torque:
  • 8.5 kNm / 12 kNm
  • Slewing arc:
  • 360º
  • Reach:
  • 5.7 / 6.7 / 6.2 m
  • Service weight:
  • 5800 kg
  • Length, standard:
  • 6600 - 7200 mm
  • Length, extra long:
  • 7200 - 7800 mm
  • Width:
  • 1900 mm
  • Highest height:
  • 2900 mm
  • Ground clearance:
  • 400 mm
  • Loading area:
  • 2.00 m2
  • Loading capacity:
  • max. 5 tons


A welcoming and spacious cabin, adapted for long working days, is paramount. Regardless of whether you choose a harvester, forwarder or combi machine, you will be greeted by the latest technology, ergonomically designed chair, fully automatic climate control system and perfect overview of the working area thanks to the large windscreens. Everything has been sketched, adapted and designed down to the smallest detail.


On our forwarders you can quickly and easily move the rear bogie forwards and backwards. This smart idea means that the wagon’s balance can be adapted to the length of the wood. The rear platform can also be adjusted by 70 centimetres forwards or backwards. This means that the wagon part can easily be optimised for all different driving conditions.


We develop our machines based on three basic requirements: gentleness to nature, comfortable workplaces for the driver and, of course, the right properties for efficient and smart forestry work. As a manufacturer of modern forestry machines, the fact is we play a decisive role that includes great responsibility for the future and sustainable forestry.