Terri 3HW


Do you work in-stand and need easy access to the forest? Then there’s only one choice – Terri 3HW. You can rest assured that the machine can cope with even the toughest of conditions.

No terrain is too tough for the Terri 3HW. The front bogie offers a workplace almost on a par with much larger machines. Then there’s the world-class traction, regardless of the substrate and conditions.

The cabin is comfortable, light and spacious with buttons and a joystick designed for ease of use. The machine is equipped with a Mowi P40 or Mowi P40T crane, both of which is self-levelling and has a low crane pillar, enabling excellent reach of between 6.2 and 7.5 metres.

The harvester is available with several equipment packages depending on your needs and wishes. You can even take out a Terri CARE.1 package – a service agreement. The well-known Log Max harvester head is light, flexible, and well-designed for small machines, offering a level of performance in a league of its own.


The harvester boasts a huge 0.7 metres of ground clearance, which gives you a machine with unrivalled levels of mobility. The vehicle feels incredibly stable thanks to the powerful frame lock. Owners can also select different packages to enhance both comfort and productivity.

The 55,4 kW Cat 3.6 engine meets all the necessary advanced environmental standards, while the 100-litre fuel tank ensures the vehicle can keep going for hours on end. What’s more, the vehicle is equipped with a Danfoss steering and hydraulic system, which guarantees the best levels of performance and operational reliability.

Whatever the substrate and terrain, Terri’s design minimises the environmental impact, whether you choose the wheel or track version.

Technical data

CAT 3,6

55,4 kW at 2200 rpm

Engine torque
318 Nm at 1400 rpm

Power transmission
Hydrostatic, 3-speed

Top speed
15-18 km/h

Hydraulic system
Sauer Danfoss

Steering system
+1 Sauer Danfoss

Hydraulic tank
120 l

Hydraulic pump
100 l/1000 rpm

Cooling system
Liquid cooled

Electrical system
24V, generator 100A

Largest width, front
2,05 meter

Largest width, rear end
2,05 meter

5,8 meter

3,10 or 3,18 meter

Ground clearance
0,7 meter

7400 kg

Mowi P40 (6,2m)
Mowi P40T (7,5m)

Harvester head
LogMax 928

407 kg

Felling diameter
42 cm

Feeding motor
2 x 365cc

Delimbing knives

Max oil pressure
210 bar

Saw bar lenght
48 cm

Feed force
14,9 kN

Max feed speed
3,1 m/s

Harvester control system
LogMate 510

Will be updated soon.

The Terri AWS is a fully automatic solution that ensures optimal traction regardless of the terrain. It replaces the classic locking differential, and it presents a noticeable advantage on terrains that are steep or have poor bearing capacity. The system is sharper than the previous technology and it enables you to get more power out of each wheel. As a driver, you never need to decide if or when to switch on the AWS; everything happens automatically.

Will be updated soon.

Will be updated soon.

Will be updated soon.

The mastermind behind these forestry machines is Småland company Alfing i Älmhult, which has 130 employees and a turnover of around SEK 220 million. Almost all production takes place in a dedicated factory, which means shorter lead times and a high level of expertise in everything to do with the machines.

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