The Terri 3020A is a small machine with big possibilities. Specially adapted for small-scale forestry, but without compromising on the technology and equipment.

It may not be the world’s biggest forest machine, but the Terri 3020A is without a doubt a terrain machine that does the jobs a private forest owner needs.

In terms of size, the 3020A is much like its predecessors, the 2020 and 2040. But a lot has happened on the inside, making the 3020A a truly modern terrain machine. For instance it has full hydrostatic drive, and the technology is much the same as in the larger 34 model.

But best of all, despite being our smallest machine, the Terri 3020A has a large, comfortable cabin with good visibility and leg room.



The Terri 3020A is an evolution of the Terri ATD and in terms of size is smaller than the 34c series. With a width of 1.65 metres, the TERRI 3020A still offers a cabin comparable with larger forest machines.

With low weight and low ground pressure, the Terri 3020A is extremely handy for getting around in the forest.

Although it’s a small machine, the 3020A still has power transmission in the rear half and all the technology needed for efficiency in forest handling. Moreover, the accompanying forest package offers a choice of three different cranes to suit your wishes and requirements.

Terri 3020A – Technical data

Basic machine:
Engine:Kubota D1305-ESB
Effect:21,7kW at 3000 rpm
Power transmission:Hydrostatic, 2 speeds
Cooling system:Liquid cooled
Electrical system:12V 40 A
Width, front:1650 mm (5,4 ft)
Width, back:1650 mm (5,4 ft)
Height:2380 mm (7,8 ft)
Length, total:6,1- 6,7 meter (20-21,98 ft)
Ground clearance:300 mm (0,98 ft)
Weight basic machine:1970 kg (4343 lb)
Track width, front:480 mm (1,57 ft)
Track width, back:380 mm (1,24 ft)
Ground pressure, front:0,08 kg/cm2
Ground pressure, back:0,27 kg/cm2 (at a 2000 kg cargo, or 4409 lb)
Forest package
CraneFarma C 3,8 D
Farma C 4,6 D
Security gate
Supporting legs
Tube protection, etc
1,5 m2, 3600 kg (7963 lb)
Range3,8 m eller 4,6 m. (12.46 ft or 15,09 ft)
Loading area1,0 m2