Terri 34c 8wd Forwarder – for challenging and sensitive terrain

Terri 3020B Band Aid+ Hydraulic hose

In the summer of 2018 rescue services worked day and night fighting fires. We want to change that to the future.
Our hydraulic hose reel is available as an option for our Terri 3020B Band tool carrier.

Terri 3020B Band Aid +. Tool carrier for crisis situations

Terri 3020B Band Aid + is the small, flexible, but oh so powerful tool carrier that will facilitate in crisis situations. Using the machine in forest fires is just one of many uses.

HydX movie about Terri and Alfing

Short movie made my HydX

Terri 34c 8wd Harvester

We made a short film about our 34c 8wd Harvester, enjoy!

Terri 34c 8wd Kombi

We made a short film about our 34c 8wd Kombi, enjoy!


Terri 34 demonstration forwarding of timber on wet ground.

Terri 34C Harvester

An film about the new TERRI 34c Harwester

An film about thinning on soft ground in Sweden

Terri 34C Harvester and Terri 34 Forwarder working on typical soft ground in the southern of Sweden.